Impressions from Microchip’s MASTERs conference, held last week (August 19-22) in Phoenix.

MikroE at Masters

Big news from Microchip’s 2015 MASTERs conference. As you can see from the image above, a big chunk of Future Electronics’ stand was taken up by MikroElektronika hardware. The large whiteboard click board display (with special fridge-magnet mikroBUS™ sockets) was particularly attention-grabbing.

As you already probably now, Future Electronics is a worldwide leader in electronics component distribution, operating in 169 locations in 42 countries around the world (headquarters in Montreal). As of recently they’re also a MikroElektronika distributor. An official announcement will follow once a few formalities are taken care of (so please wait a few days before you start looking for our products on their site).

Otherwise, we were pleasantly surprised to see mikroBUS™ sockets on a number of Microchip boards in the “ask the experts” segment of the exhibition, where various Microchip technologies were presented.

MikroE at Masters

See the 3D Motion click demo on the first pic? The click board is coupled with its onscreen avatar, as you move the board through space, the 3D render on the screen mirrors your motions.

We went a long way from 2011 when we participated at Masters for the first time. We had one click board in our portfolio then. Now the count is above 150, and the mikroBUS™ sockets are starting to appear on more and more third party boards. Special thanks goes to all our early adopters who helped and are still helping with adopting and spreading the click board standard.

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