It’s getting cold outside. Perhaps it’s time to get a low power temperature and humidity sensor and measure everything accurately. Good thing that our HDC1000 click is on offer.

Only today and tomorrow HDC1000 click is 50% OFF! From October 26 11:00 CET, until October 27 11:00 CET.

HDC1000 click carries a sensor from Texas Instruments, with its main features being high precision, resistance to dust and dirt, and low power consumption.

The temperature is measured within a range from –20°C to 85°C with ±0.2°C accuracy. While the relative humidity (0-100%RH) is measured with an accuracy of ±3%.

What can you do with HDC1000 click?

You could create your personal weather station. A new sensor application for your greenhouse – those tomatoes need specific temperature and humidity conditions in order to grow healthy. Checking the humidity in the office.

Did you know that low humidity can make you less productive? Measure the humidity in your office space, and avoid this.

For more information about the HDC1000 click, visit the product page.

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