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In the next 50 days, Microchip will add one click board™ per day to their quick-start library for MCC, the Code Configurator. Starting from today you can join in on the excitement. Visit the Microchip 50 in 50 page, and take a look at what is happening during this first week.

With MCC and our click boards™ you’ll be developing with ease. It’s clear to everyone that our click boards™ are the standard for embedded developers around the world.

MCC or MPLAB® Code Configurator from Microchip

The award-winning MPLAB® Code Configurator or MCC is a free software plugin for MPLAB X and MPLAB Xpress Integrated Development Environments. It generates easily modifiable, production-ready application code for many 8- and 16-bit PIC MCUs in just a few mouse clicks.

The MCC plugin gives you a clear and simple graphical interface to configure peripherals and functions specific to the application you are building.

You’ll save so much time, you’ll probably get a new hobby.

Week one

The first week brings us the popular Alcohol click, and seven other sensor clicks boards™. If you are planning to add sensors to your project while you are using a Microchip development board, this is the perfect time to start following the campaign.

The mikroBUS™ socket and Microchip development boards

So far Microchip has 11 development boards that support the mikroBUS™ standard. The MPLAB Xpress evaluation board is one of them. The Drag-and-Drop programming feature makes it compatible with almost any USB-connected PC, laptop or tablet.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated as the days go by. So stay tuned.

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