Here’s a click board that has the spatial awareness of a professional ballet dancer, a stage magician, or a tai chi master. 3D Motion click hosts the new MM7150 9-axis sensor fusion module from Microchip.

3D motion click

The MM7150 module onboard 3D Motion click combines a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer together with a motion coprocessor. The coprocessor has sensor fusion algorithms that filter, compensate and combine the data from each sensor. The resulting output accurately and reliably quantifies motion through 3D space.

You can also access raw data from individual sensors (the module incorporates a Bosch BMC150 accelerometer and a Bosch BMG160 gyroscope).

However, the motion coprocessor fixes the potential drawbacks of each individual sensor — the algorithms suppress magnetic distortion, cancel gyroscope drift, all the while performing background calibration.

What you get in the end is a way to easily design and develop devices that require motion or positioning data. Robotic hands and wii-style remote controllers come to mind, but also wearable sports gadgets (quantify that perfect forehand, dance move, or karate kata).

More details on the product page. Libstock examples are also ready.


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