More possibilities with Matrix RGB click.

5mm pitch 32x32 RGB LED panel

We added another variation of the 32×32 RGB matrix that’s compatible with Matrix RGB click. It’s the same type of panel as the one we already introduced, just with a 5mm pitch instead of 6mm. The increased density of LEDs results in a smaller panel (160mm x 160mm compared to 190mm x 190mm).

RGB matrices come in different varieties depending on whether you want to go for size or resolution. A smaller pitch will give you more LEDs per square inch but the entire panel will be smaller. You might want to use it for displays that are intended to be seen for a smaller distance.

In this case, the difference is subtle. Go with what you feel is better.

Matrix RGB click is the click we had a lot of fun with. If you want to learn to drive RGB LED matrices with mikroC, read our learn article where Corey explained the basics which he taught himself while recreating the classing brick destroying game.

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