We listened to your requests like we always do, and we are happy to announce that the newest version of the ARM compilers (5.1.0) is here! With all the exciting new features you’ll want to press the download button as fast as you can.

FreeRTOS for mikroC PRO for ARM

The absolute star of this release is the FreeRTOS support that has been implemented for the mikroC PRO for ARM. It’s multitasking at its best. What was once a bunch of unorganized tasks, is now going to be a well-tuned orchestra.

Time is one of those things that you can not get back, once it’s lost. Our compilers are designed in a way that makes sure you time is valued. FreeRTOS will offer you the option of managing multiple tasks. You just assign the priority to each one and watch the execution.

FreeRTOS is a perfect scheduling partner. All your applications will run with consistent timing.

ARM compilers version 5.1.0

Other than FreeRTOS being implemented to the mikroC PRO for ARM, we have added a new view to the Project Manager to support displaying a complex sub-tree. You can arrange your tree in a more efficient and clear way. Open multiple folders and subfolders at the same time.

We also added integral (Filter) search for Project Manager, Project Explorer, Library Manager, Code Explorer, Procedure List. It will save your time considerably, just search for the file you need, no more digging around.

The Library Manager can now open library source on right click. And we updated the Bootloader application. Now, it has an automatic hardware recognition feature.

For more information about this new version of the ARM compilers, see the Software Roadmap page. You can always keep track of what is happening with all our compilers, by visiting the Software Roadmap page for each one. Get the newest information, release dates, and progress reports.

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