Why do so many people want a [click board] for measuring radiation? Are these long-term preparations for a post-fallout world?

It seems to be a subject on people’s minds, because every time we ask which click board should be made, as we did last week, we get several people asking for a radiation measurement solution.

A professor from CERN even suggested that we make one when he saw us at Maker Faire Rome last year.

Granted, the demand isn’t overwhelming. It’s just a reoccurring theme in an otherwise very diverse set of answers. Overall, people mostly want more wireless connectivity modules. From HopeRF to Li-Fi, as well as more variety in our Bluetooth and GSM modules.

Battery-chargers and digital potentiometers are also making several appearances. All the other recommendations are individual and original, and, we’re pleased to say, a few of them we already had in our pipeline for 2016.

Even though 180 seems like a large number, your responses clearly tell us that there are still more avenues to explore in click board development. We received more than 50 click board ideas, and while we may not be able to fulfil them all, we’ll definitely work on it diligently.

Yours sincerely,

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