If you need a slightly different version of one of our stock products, don’t hesitate to ask. Tell us what you need now, so we can start working on it together.


A light bulb flashes, you’ve got an idea for a project. Naturally, you want to get from start to finish as swiftly as possible. Time is of the essence. You visit our store and find what you need. But then, upon closer inspection, you discover that the stock product won’t quite cut it, that what you’ve envisioned requires a slightly different build? A custom version?

If that’s you, don’t waste time on endless Google searches looking for an alternative, when you can get it right here – just ask us. The quickest way to get our attention is through the newly created Custom Orders page.

Your request will be promptly reviewed by our staff. The reason we created this page is because inquiries on custom orders have been on the rise, so we decided to assign some of our people to reviewing them.

To help save your time, be as detailed as possible when describing what you need. Be sure to mention which of our stock product you want altered, what’s the amount you’ll be ordering, and is there a deadline we should meet. Send us specs, images, technical drawings or freehand sketches in your message attachment, and whatever else you think might help.

Always remember, we’re here to make it simple for you.

Yours sincerely,

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