The other day we included our new production line as one of the highlights of this year. What we passed to mention, is that all the while an entirely new, even better production line was sitting across it, still wrapped in plastic.

New machines

And now it’s unwrapped, installed and ready to use: Another Europlacer iineo 2, the hi-end pick and place machine is now positioned right across the one installed it May.

The iineo fits snuggly in-between an improved model of Ersa Versaprint S1, and a hot new reflow oven, Ersa hotflow 3/20. That’s a 10 zone reflow oven (compared to the 7-zone hotflow 3/14e from the other line) that has a process length of over 5 meters.

Since these are similar machines, you can read about them and the process in the article we posted back when we got the first new line.

We’ll just say this. Seeing the iineo with its 12 nozzles at work, placing 28,000 components per hour was a sight to see by itself. Having both of them working at full capacity — that’s 56,000 components per hour — now that’s something else.

With these, we’ll be able to deliver on more customization and contract manufacturing jobs next year. So if you need us, you know where to find us. Otherwise, just sit and wait until we bring out fresh new projects in 2015. Just give these boys a day or two to get acquainted with their new toys.

production staff

Yours sincerely,

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