Judged by a panel of Cisco and industry experts, the Wunderbar is the most promising IoT product! And as of today, you can finally order it from our website.


It’s been a couple of months since we told you we’ve teamed up with Relayr and Conrad to bring you Wunderbar. Today, the chocolate-shaped IoT starter kit for app developers is available for ordering. Share the news with all your Android and iOS app developer friends.

Tell them Wunderbar won first place at the “Cisco Internet of Things Innovation Grand Challenge.” That’s a competition where a jury gives awards to people who come up with the coolest IoT stuff.

Or as it’s described on the official site, the aim of the challenge is to “spearhead an industry-wide initiative to accelerate the adoption of breakthrough technologies and products that will contribute to the growth of and evolution of the Internet of Things.”

And the Wunderbar is just that — a breakthrough: it enables App developers with no hardware experience to develop IoT solutions.

As featured on Techcrunch, engadget, FastCompany and others, Wunderbar is a set of six detachable smart sensors and modules (each with its own battery supply) connected through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to a main module that’s in turn connected to a Cloud.

The Cloud hosts iOS, Android and node.js SDKs, APIs, frameworks and libraries that allow you to read all the data from the sensors.

So as an app developer, you would just snap off a sensor, place it whenerever you need it, and start programming your Android or iOS app just like you’re used too. No wires no soldering no nothing.

The relayr team has been busy the past few months organizing and participating at various hackatons, maker fairs and other competitions and exhibitions. Meanwhile at the chocolate factory—that’s our production line—the pick-and-place machine kept assembling Wunderbar after Wunderbar, by the hundreds, preparing for this day.

Have a look at it on our page and order yours today.

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