The chocolate bar for IoT app developers released last year is getting more and more popular. The relayr team just snatched another award, as we just found out from their Facebook feed.

WunderBar wins another award

The Focus Digital Star awards are given out by Focus magazine, the third largest weekly magazine in Germany. The relayr team won in the “Digital Perspective” category. Here’s an excerpt from the official announcement:

The “Digital Perspective” category went to relayr, who have developed a unique architecture to allow the Internet of Things to be integrated into many aspects of life. The “WunderBar” module kit allows developers to build apps that interact with special sensors to track things via smartphones, for example. This enables temperature, humidity and movement data (for instance) to be recorded and linked with almost any object. “In ten years, all products will be linked with the Internet. As one of the leading platforms for the Internet of Things, relayr offers manufacturers and their developers a very easy, secure and cost-effective way of doing this,” says founder and CEO Harald Zapp.

It goes without saying that we’re proud to be a part of such a successful project, as the designated “chocolate factory.”

To remind you, the relayr and MikroElektronika deal that brought the WunderBar to developers worldwide was struck in Nurnberg last year. The 2015 Embedded World is getting close, and this year we have more chips to bargain with when it comes to contract manufacturing and development partnerships. New machines, new credentials. Who knows what this year’s mingling in Nurnberg might bring.

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