MikroElektronika will manufacture WunderBar, the crowfunded Internet of Things starter kit for app developers that generated a lot of buzz this year. Full story after the break.


When we moved in to our new HQ last year the place felt huge. Only a few months later, and we’re happy to report that new machines are rapidly taking up the surplus space on our manufacturing floor. Top-notch equipment like the Europlacer iineo (SMD line with 250 feeders), ERSA selective soldering machine, new ERSA printer, and a new reflow owen are almost ready for operation.

That’s a big increase in our production capabilities. We’ll be able to tackle many new interesting projects.

The first among them will be the production of WunderBar. It’s an Internet of Things starter kit for app developers designed by the relayr team – but chances are you already knew that. The WunderBar generated a lot of buzz in the Maker community, receiving press coverage from places like TechChrunch, FastCompany, Engadget and others.

The WunderBar project was first presented to the public through Dragon Innovations, a crowdfunding community similar to Kick Starter. The concept attracted a lot of attention which led to successful funding.

The relayr team then went searching for a suitable company that would produce the WunderBar. Their official partner Conrad Electronic introduced them to us. We met at the Embedded World 2014, and an initial agreement was struck.

That was in february, and a few days ago, Jackson, Paul and Daniel from the relayr team visited our HQ, to see where the WunderBar would be produced. Did we manage to leave a good impression?

You can see for yourself. They wrote a blog post summarizing their visit. We encourage you to read the whole piece, it’s like a tour of our facilities, including images and video clips from the manufacturing area. But here’s a telling quote:

We went down there to see the facility with our own eyes, and we were deeply impressed with their skills, their knowledge, their technology and their sense of design and user experience. They care as much about the WunderBar as we do! Oh, and the food, the wine, the music was memorable! As we go forward from here, Neb, Dusan, Srdjan, Aleks, and the whole MikroE team will be helping us document every phase of the process as we get closer to shipping the first batch.

(Thanks for the compliments guys! Glad you had a good time)

Yours sincerely,

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