WunderBar, the award winning chocolate shaped IoT kit for app developers, is back in stock! The price is the same — $199; but in terms of value, the WunderBar has even more to offer now. Here’s why.

WunderBar back in stock

For starters, the relayr cloud has been enhanced. Upon WunderBar’s launch, the platform included only iOS and Android SDKs. Now, it hosts HTML5, Node.js, Python and C# SDKs. A much larger crowd of developers will be able to savor the sensory sweetness that WunderBar has to offer.

Then there are the awards. Since the last time it was available in our store, the IoT chocolate bar helped the relayr team win 1st prize at Cisco’s IoT Grand Innovation Challenge, 1st prize at Code_n startup competition at CeBit, and Germany’s Focus Digital Star Award.

One may call a single award a fluke, but the consisting winning streak proves beyond a doubt that WunderBar is not yet another crowd-funding novelty destined to fade into obscurity — rather, it’s establishing itself as the the most relevant IoT development platform for people without hardware experience.

In concurrence with the awards, more and more people are using the WunderBar. The Wunderbar-based Insulin Angel launched on IndieGoGo the other day. It’s been a hit on hackatons world wide. Some 45 WunderBar projects are available on Hackster (by the way, click boards will be making a debute on Hackster pretty soon).

As we like to say, try developing with the WunderBar, and you’ll be like a wide eyed kid tasting chocolate for the first time! Order yours today.

Yours sincerely,

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