The recording of the final Hexiwear webinar is now available.

The final Hexiwear webinar is the most technical yet. Mohit Kedia, NXP Technical Marketing Engineer is showing how to build and debug a Hexiwear project.

After this hour long presentation, you will get familiar with the structure of the Hexiwear firmware. You will know how to do some basic edits, like changing the duration of the vibration of Hexiwear’s haptic motor. Or to change the default color of the LED light.

This is the meaty stuff Hexiwear owners have been waiting for. After this one you will be able to start hacking with confidence.

You will be able to better appreciate this webinar recording if you took the time to watch the previous instalments. All webinars are available on the Hexiwear contest webpage.

The whole webinar series is intended for participants of the Hexiwear design contest. Have you joined? The project submission deadline is in 40 days.

Yours sincerely,

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