The Flip & click was initially known as the Rock n Roll board (when it was still just an idea). Teo from microcontroller-projects is now taking Flip & click back to its roots turning it into a theremin, an exotic music instrument.

Flip & click themerin

Theremin is an early electronic instrument that spawned out of Soviet research into proximity sensors. A player produces tones by moving his hands through space around two antennas. One hand controls pitch, the other adjusts volume.

Teo from Microcontroller-projects created a Flip & click-based theremin by adding an mp3 click and a pair of IR distance clicks (one of which is on an extension cable connected to a Proto click).

By the looks of it it’s a more elegant theremin compared to the original.

The difference compared to the real thing is that the Flip & click theremin generetas discrete notes instead of varying pitch continuously.

As always, the code is embedded in the blog post.

Unfortunately Teo didn’t post a video of how his instrument plays, claiming that his musical skills or not quite on par with his engineering chops. If you own the hardware you can try it on your own. Let us know about the results!

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