Once again our friend John B gives away free MikroE goodies, only this time you won’t be late for the party. Who has the best idea takes home a SpeakUp click.

We introduced SpeakUp click, our speech recognition click board, last April. One of the first videos even contained an early version of the Buggy.

You can train the SpeakUp to understand and execute over 200 commands, regardless of your language, dialect or slang. No programming required for the setup, you just use the configuration tool.

The simplicity of implementing speech recognition in your project, with no internet connection requirements, made SpeakUp a hit. The first batch sold quickly (although back then we didn’t have two new production lines).

To get peoples’s imaginations going, we posted a few fun projects, including the voice activated chess, and the simple relay switch.

What would you do with a SpeakUp? Try to come up with an interesting idea, and you have a chance to win a used SpeakUp click from John B. Just go to Youtube and comment on the video.

Yours sincerely,

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