We got 99 click boards so far, and a few candidates for the hundredth. It’ll be released any day now. Can you guess which one will it be? You’ll get a prize if you do.

click board number 100

Guess the next click board and we’ll send you a clicker of your choice (PIC clicker or STM32 clicker), along with the click of course.

Don’t mind the pixelated click board on the picture, that’s an existing one just for illustration. We don’t even know what’s going to be the next one. Here’s why.

Multiple click boards are at different stages of development at any given time. Some are being sketched in Altium; others are laying around as prototypes while the components for serial production are in transit. Then there are those in between, the prototypes that need to be revised.

There’s a degree of randomness to it. It’s like the Oscars — we don’t know for certain which click board will be released next, but we do know the names of the candidates.

So since you’ll be getting the click if you guess it, think of something you would like and need (just like you would root for your favorite actor at the Oscars). Even if you miss, you’ll still give us an idea on what to work on, so there’s a chance you’ll be getting your click anyway, just later.

You don’t have to guess the exact name. You’ll get the prize if your guess is close enough — it’ll be sufficient to name the type of sensor or its function.

Just type your guess, along with your email address in this Google Form.

Multiple entries are also OK, but one guess per form please.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

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