Nowdays, we can’t imagine the world without wireless communication. It’s everywhere. In mobile phones, computers, laptops, cameras, remote controlled devices. WiFi technology brings mobility and internet to our homes.

MikroElektronika introduced a new revision of it’s WiFi Boards: WiFi PROTO and EasyWiFi. Boards carry latest MRF24WB0MA Wi-Fi radio transceiver module from Microchip, with integrated PCB antenna and matching circuitry. Low power consumption, datarates for up to 2 MBps, range up to 400m (1300 ft.), make these boards ideal for low data-rate Wi-Fi sensor networks, home automation, building automation and consumer applications, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Controls, Location and Asset Tracking, POS Terminals and Healthcare devices.

Make sure to visit EasyWiFi and WiFi PROTO webpages for more information.

Wifi PROTO and EasyWiFi Boards Improved!
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