Remember the Element14 roadtest bundle we wrote about a few weeks ago? Here’s an update: One of the bundles went into the hands of Megahurts AKA Robert, an active MikroE forum member some of you might now.


As a teaser to Megahurts’ Roadtest review, he sent us a photo of the entire bundle fitted to his special Schwin bike. You can see the Arduino Uno click shield and the SHT1x click hanging from the brake cable below the top tube, nearer to the rear wheel.

In the background, as Robert tells us, is the water falls from the great Snake river which lend his hometown the name Idaho Falls.

Arranged around the frame are the rest of Element 14’s roadtest bundle, with the Atmel SAMA5D3 Xplained at the center of the picture.

Robert also shared some of the features of his bike. He made a custom brake and taillight power supply, with 2 AA batteries powering four small (3mm) white LEDs and one large (20mm) brake light, as well as a green power indicator LED. The way to do utilize every bit of energy out of the AA batteries, Robert says, is through “Joule thief circuit.” The brake light is operated by a switch he installed in the handlebar brake lever.

But that’s just the beginning as Robert plans to equip the bike with his own custom-built electric motor drive with a mikromedia board control panel and ESC system manager.

We can’t wait to see Robert’s (MegaHurts) Roadtest review. If you have any questions and suggestions for him, you can get in touch with him on the forums.

Yours sincerely,

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