A few days ago, we received word from our distributor in Honduras that a local Angelhack hackaton was won by a team of engineers using our tools.


Honduran engineers Eduin Girueroa, Luis Chavez and Roger Gurdian built a system for vibration analysis of electric industry motors that won first prize at the Anglehack hackaton in San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras.

The industrial IoT solution uses a clicker 2 for PIC32MX, a microSD click, a Wi-Fi 2 click and an accel click.

The three axis accelerometer on accel click serves as the vibration meter. The PIC32 analyzes the signal, then backs up the data on the microSD card, and sends it through WiFi to a Raspberry Pi. The Pi in turn sends the information to a server in the cloud.

The cloud server has a database service, and does real-time analysis and reporting through a web application.

By winning the Angelhack competition, the three Honduran engineers received an exclusive invite to hackcelerator, a 12-week program that helps top teams (winners of Angelhack competition from around the world) to explore and refine their ideas to ultimately decide if they want to become a startup.

After the 12-week program, the teams pitch their idea in front of 100+ investors at the Global Demo Day in San Francisco.

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