Before we move on to book recommendations, today we’re supplementing yesterday’s roundup of mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal tutorials with two great projects worth remembering.


Whether you’re a hobbyist spending evenings and weekends tinkering with personal projects, or a professional engineer prototyping a groundbreaking new product, MikroElektronika’s software and hardware suits you equally well.

Easy PICs, mikromedias and click boards, just like mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal cater to a wide spectrum of the Embedded crowd.

Over the years we’ve been surprised by great projects that pop-up from time to time.

Do you remember Paul Pounds’ and his LED pocketwatch? The firmware was written in mikroC:

How about the Alex from Russia who made a cooperative multitasking real-time operating system (RTOS) for PIC16, compilable from mikroC?

As impressed as we are, we keep wondering how many more gems like these must exist out there, hidden from us.

For instance, we never really found out what awesome things scientists from Dumont d’Urville Station in Antarctica developed using Easy PICs and our compilers?


Professional engineers like those guys may be obliged to keep their work a secret. But it’s not just them.

As a hobbyist, you love the thrill of tinkering and inventing. You’re making great gadgets and the work is fulfilling in itself. Sharing it with others might not be a part of it for you.

Particularly if it involves some not strictly engineering stuff like building and maintaining a blogging platform. You should try Libstock.

We know that describing and presenting your own projects may not be that fun for you, so we built Libstock to make it as easy as possible. Please, put up a few words or images. It’s just a tiny bit of additional work but it could make a world of difference to the community. You might not even know how inspiring your work is to us.

Stay tuned for some of our favorite Libstock projects we’ll be showing off soon. And to show off our appreciation even more, we’ll even hand out Libstock awards this month!

Just a reminder: During May we’re celebrating 10 years of compiler development. Save up to $100 on license purchases. If you’re lucky you can even win a full license in our sweepstakes.

Yours sincerely,

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