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Not all endings are sad, especially when they end on such a high note. The six interns we had from France are leaving today. Everyone in the company is happy that they had such a wonderful time with us here.

They came here as a part of the Eurocircle Association program (which is a part of the Erasmus exchange program). The aim of it was to give French students in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Industrial Design the opportunity to do a two-month internship. The Eurocircle association in based in Marseille, and they focus on international mobility projects for young people.

During their time here they were mentored by our software and hardware engineers. Whenever they needed help and guidance with their project, they could turn to them for advice.

To bring everything to a close they prepared presentations about their projects.

Preparing for the final presentation

Some were nervous to start their presentation, and some decided to relax for a bit before they begin. For most of them, this was the first time they joined a company, and started a project.

Their two French colleagues that arrived at a later date decided to watch the whole thing from the colorful bean bags at the back.

I got the type of hands-on experience that I hoped for before I came here,” said Tom. You can see him in the first image on the right (down), explaining the characteristics of his click board™ project.

Two click boards™ each

Each intern presented two click board™ projects and explained the main functionalities the click, the challenges they faced and lastly, what they have learned from their experience here at MikroElektronika.

I learned a lot during these two months,” says Adrien “And not just about the technical stuff. I saw, from the first hand, how a big company operates.”

They thanked their mentors for the time they invested in them. It was a rather heart-warming moment.

Last day photo session

Since all of them are so good looking, we thought that they could be the perfect models for the MikroElektronika shirts. Maybe they will come back to Belgrade next summer, to visit all their new friends.

Let’s hope that they will all have success in their future projects and endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

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