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Planes crash and healthy tissue gets cut when pilots and surgeons forget their checklists. Stressful consequences face embedded developers too. Don’t start projects without due preparation lest you end up with a terrifying mess.

Richard Lowe has a pilot’s license so he appreciates a good checklist. Inspired by an article from EDN, Richards’ “Project Development Off to a Good Start” article will teach you some simple to implement but potentially life-saving coding practices.

Can you read a data sheet of a GPS module without getting lost? Learn about different so-called sentences that make up a GPS transmission. See the difference between various click boards with GPS, and learn how to properly parse the data to actually end up with a navigation tool. All contained in Richard’s Not All GPS Units are Created Equal tutorial.

Dip your toes into the world of Digital Signal Processing with Viktor’s introductory treatise of the subject. What makes a processor fit for DSP tasks? What type of architecture it is? What are domains in DSP terminology and how engineers use them to quantify the world around us? All answered in this concise and useful introduction.

Milos, the third member of the staff, used IrThermo click as a launching point for a discussion on how contactless temp measurement works. Starting from the story of how Herschel discovered infrared radiation in 1800 and ending with an example for mikroC for ARM that you can use in 2016 to measure how hot your cup of coffee is without burning your fingers.


You’ll need that coffee because there’s a lot of material to go through here. Start from whatever sparks your interest – and let us know if you’d like us to cover some specific topic.

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