The Internet of Things is simply the next step in the evolutionary process of cloud computing“—that’s the name of a one-day seminar we’re hosting next Thursday (October 9) in cooperation with EBV Elektronik and Freescale.

IoT seminar at MikroElektronika

We were guests at a fair share of venues in the past few years. From Phoenix, over Nürnberg to Myanmar. Now it’s our turn to play hosts. This is the first time we’re opening our headquarters to a wider public and it’s quite an occassion.

We don’t have to introduce Freescale to you. It’s a well known semiconductor company that’s very much focused on IoT technology. They also make the Kinetis KLO2, the world’s smallest ARM Powered MCU with a measly 1.9mm x 2.0mm footprint—that’s smaller than a standard surface-mount LED you see on our EasyPICs or click boards!

If you’ve never seen click boards live, that’s another reason to come: We’ll introduce them to you in a presentation titled “click boards—revolutionary add-on boards enpowering IoT makers.

Our friends from EBV Elektronik will have a presentation about the Cloud, while the main portion of the day-long seminar will be taken up by lectures and demos from Freescale people.

You’ll need to register to attend, but it’s free of charge. It’s an excellent opportunity to check out our HQ and learn about IoT from people who are at its forefront.

There’ll also be some food and drinks, as these things go.

Register now while there’s room left. You can see the exact date, location and agenda on the Registration page.

See you.

Yours sincerely,

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