Weather click is a self-contained weather station, with a single sensor from Bosch that detects humidity, pressure and temperature.

weather click

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,” sang Bob Dylan in the sixties. Half a century later, the forecasters are even less useful — you don’t need them to tell you about humidity and pressure neither. All you need is a Weather click, powered by the BME280 IC, which is — as Bosch marketing people coined it — an integrated environmental unit.

A triple threat to a weatherman’s income is how we’d call it.

A single sensor that does three things: (1) detect humidity with a response time of just one second (accurate up to ±3% RH); (2) a pressure sensor with sensitivity error of just ±0.25% (more on what that means on the product page); and (3) a temperature sensor with an up to 20-bit resolution.

It’s versatile too. The chip has three operating modes (sleep, forced, normal), two communication interfaces (SPI or I2C, with jumpers for specifying the I2C address), and the two sensors for humidity and pressure have the ability to operate independently from each other.

The fast response time and high accuracy make this click ideal not just for tracking weather, but for home automation, or even some sport and fitness tools.

You can check the Libstock example to see how the code works, or read the product page for more details.


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