One of our colleagues from Marketing department had an idea that only designer people would’ve come up with. She made an accessory bag for mikromedia board – out of an old VHS cassette film! The idea was that you can wear it as a necklace.

Although it sound odd, it looks awesome! Just load your favorite program, some image slider, clock, favorite logo, or even rotating disco ball application, and you are quickly to become a hit in the night club. If you are a girl, a geek guy wouldn’t resist you waring a Space invaders necklace, right? 🙂

But the thing with the film is so unexpected. You can make your own bag out of your favorite VHS movie. I would’ve made mine out of Star Wars, and loaded Darth Vader interactive application with Imperial March music, Vader’s breathing, or some slideshows. It could’ve been interesting.

mikromedia accessory bag concept

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