The Forum consists of all our core users, and it makes us proud to announce that we have reached 40.000 members! We want to thank everyone for deciding to use our products, professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. Our community is welcoming and open to anyone. People from all over the world are discussing projects, solving problems and sharing experiences every day.

The Forum is one of the most valued parts of our website – there is no better place to get feedback about the products, read about innovative ideas and get inspired by what others are doing.

It seems that everyone loves to be a part of the MikroElektronika community. With more than 250.000 posts on it, we are glad to see that people love what we do. It’s a place to talk about everything from new compiler releases, desired improvements in the IDE, to favorite click boards™ and exciting user projects.

Personal connections

Many of our engineers and sales representatives started their carriers in Support. Our philosophy is that every beginner in the company should spend time getting to know the community of our users. Getting to know how people are using our products, how they solve problems, what they need help with.

Personal connections with frequent Forum users were established over the years. The input they give us is precious. Friendships were made while we were solving problems together.

Lana, our Support engineer, just got a chocolate box as a present the other day from one of the Forum users. They’ve been talking and working together for a long time. We talk about certain Forum members in meetings like they are part of the team. We are all geeks here, we have the same interests and hobbies like everyone else on the Forum. Communication is easy and fun.

Community of like-minded friends

When you start a new project and get a bit stuck, it’s always reassuring to know that there is a whole community of people who use the same tools as you and can help you with advice and feedback.

Posts about newcomers asking for advice, discussions about the compiler IDE and Visual TFT improvements, latest releases – show just a tiny speck of the Forum variety. Post about anything and everything – you’ll find something that draws your interest.

Are you a part of the MikroE lovers neighborhood? Visit the Forum and join the growing community!

Yours sincerely,

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