According to our Chief of Sales, our latest distributor shares its name with a famous Italian song about a girl. But they are perhaps better known in the thriving Italian electronics scene for a popular magazine they run.

Futura Elletronica

Futura Elettronica is the latest distributor to carry our wares. Founded in 1993, it both distributes and manufactures electronics. They have a similar story as ours – started as a magazine that began offering educational kits to go with the tutorials… and then it grew into something more. The difference is that their magazine is still running.

We love aligning with people and companies who strive to make electronics more accessible, and Futura Elettronica fit the bill perfectly.

They are also very active on the Italian scene, participating at trade shows and other events. With somebody of their reputation endorsing us, we’ll reach a lot more developers in Italy and we’re grateful for the opportunity. Hopefully, the developers will be happy too.

Yours sincerely,

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