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What do you get when you mix Flip&click, SpeakUp click and 4×4 RGB click in one pot? Voice controlled LEDs of course. Teodor from electronza.com has made another tutorial that will save you hours and hours of work.

It’s a perfect project for those long summer nights. You can sit outside, sip a cold lemonade and adjust the LEDs strings that you wrapped around the trees with your voice.

Read the whole tutorial and learn how to program SpeakUp click, which words work best for the voice commands, and see the Arduino code that Teodor used.


Flip&click – a place where click boards™ meet Arduino. The four mikroBUS™ sockets on this cool development board will allow you to add more than 300 functionalities. Countless combinations lay before you.

If you visit our GitHub page, you will find Flip&click code examples. No need to start from scratch.

For more information about the Flip&click see the product page.

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