Visual TFT is Here

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived! We are proud to present you with Visual TFT – Software for rapid development of TFT GUIs.

Visual TFT starts a small revolution in ways we create graphical interfaces. This tool is really fantastic. We have been playing with it for nearly a month, writing all sorts of great and fun applications and adding extra features. Visual TFT is really comfortable to work with. It has fast and intuitive user interface, much like any other graphical vector editor. Thanks to the power of TFT and TFT Touch Panel libraries, Visual TFT can create complex GUI codes for you automatically, allowing you to focus on design of your TFT applications.

We also wrote six great demonstration examples that you will be very pleased with.

Since this is the period of holidays we have decided do give you limited time special price of Visual TFT: in the following month you can purchase it for $69 USD and save entire $30 USD!

We invite you to watch introduction video and visit newly designed Visual TFT webpage for more information. Download free demo and start playing today!

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