New release of Visual TFT software is here. Check it out.

Visual TFT 3.8.0 released

Our main focus was adding support for the latest mikromedia 5 for Tiva™ board. We’ve supported the new Internal TFT module by Texas Instruments Tiva™ MCUs and TSC2006 Touch Screen Controller. A set of examples is provided for the board as well.

We’ve implemented a number of other improvements. It’s now possible to add a single picture to multiple image objects at once. That simplifies the procedure and reduces code size. We’ve also enabled changing picture ratio of multiple image objects at once. Loading board definitions is improved as well.

There are other fixes all enumerated on Specification Tab of Visual TFT webpage.

Make sure to visit the Visual TFT webpage and download the new software version now!

Yours sincerely,

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