New Visual TFT brings many improvements. Make sure to get the latest version today!

Visual TFT 3.7.0 released

We have added support for the latest mikromedia Plus for PIC32MX7 board. Along with it we’ve added a set of examples and support for STMPE610 touch screen controller in PIC32 projects.

It’s never been more comfortable to work in Visual TFT. You can now add custom TFT routines to project settings tab. This means that you can now easier add support for your custom TFT displays. Loading time of objects in resource collection is reduced, while grouping of objects on different layers is improved. When ruler is turned on, mouse coordinates are displayed. We’ve also improved the mechanism of changing properties from object inspector when multiple objects are selected.

There are numerous other fixes all enumerated on Specification Tab of Visual TFT webpage.

Make sure to visit the Visual TFT webpage and download the new software version now!

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