Today we are proud to announce that Visual TFT software has become one of the key facotrs in a utilizing the new revolutionary FT800 graphics controller from FTDI Chip.

Visual TFT v3.5.0 released!

We in mikroElektronika teamed up with FTDI Chip to support their awesome new graphics controller FT800. It is a part of their latest creation – the Embedded Video Engine (or EVE) family of graphics controllers, which brings a new fresh approach to the market.

After months of hard work, and collaboration with FTDI Chip, Visual TFT became the first software in the world to provide full support for many of EVE’s powerful features like sound, transparency and anti-aliasing fonts. There are 12 new components (or widgets) available for GUI design, which are natively supported in the controller. The EVE family has an object based structure that presents engineers with an easy way to design more effective GUIs for TFTs, with all the display, audio and touch functionality included. This low cost, easy-to-use, single-chip solution allows slower microcontrollers with little RAM and Flash to run complex and GUI-intensive applications on TFT displays. You don’t need fast and powerful 32-bit MCUs with loads of memory to get an excellent graphical interface for your project. FT800 and Visual TFT will turn your 8-bit microcontroller into a rockstar.

We have also changed the way to activate your Visual TFT license. It has never been easier. For the first time ever we are introducing License Activation Cards with Activation and Registration Keys. Just scratch off the protective foil on the back of the card and reveal your personal Activation Key. Enter it in the Help->Software Activation window, and the Demo Limit will be instantly removed, allowing you to exploit the full potential of Visual TFT software. All of you who chose Electronic License Delivery will get an E-mail with your license keys, as soon as you purchase your license.

New Live Update feature is just awesome! Whenever we introduce new feature, fix a bug, introduce new board templates or add a new component, you will be able to instantly upgrade your Visual TFT software! No more waitings for new software releases. We’re shifting to a whole new approach which will result in greater dynamics in our communication with you – the community.

In order to help you to make your mind and start using Visual TFT as your best choice for GUI design, we have decided to have one more surprise for you. As of February 26th, until June 1st, Visual TFT will be sold at a special price of just $89! After this promotional period, all of you who purchased the Licenses will have to register your Visual TFT software in order to continue getting your free support and free live upgrades.

We fixed several bugs and added little improvements on each corner. IDE is more stable and more options are available. You will feel the difference.

Make sure to visit the Visual TFT webpage and download this fantastic new software version now!

Yours sincerely,

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