We are happy to present you with the most amazing release of Visual GLCD software yet!

Visual GLCD software 2.70 released!

New release of our software for easy development of GLCD GUIs is here. Visual GLCD is loaded with new features.

We have included three new components: ProgressBar, CheckBox and RadioButton. All three are highly customizable. You can change size, fonts and many other parameters. These allow you to enrich your GUIs with new features. We provided a nice example to show you how the components are working. Some components have new properties, like “Corner Radius”.

New PIC, dsPIC and STM32 boards are supported from this release. EasyPIC v7, EasyPIC PRO v7, EasyPIC v7 for dsPIC30 and EasyMx PRO v7 for STM32 have their board definition templates and new examples. New Videos Tab on the webpage is introduced as well, to show how some examples work on real hardware.


New Resource Collection tool is introduced to help you add multiple images and fonts in your code. If you want to have image sliders, animation frames or dozens of fonts stored in external Resource File, this tool will help you do that easily. You can access each added resource from your code as they are accessible via their constant identifiers.

New Live Update feature is just awesome! Whenever we introduce new feature, fix a bug, introduce new board templates or add a new component, you will be able to instantly upgrade your Visual GLCD software! No more waitings for new software releases. We’re shifting to a whole new approach which will result in greater dynamics in our communication with you – the community.

We have decided to surprise you with one more thing. Starting from this release, you can place as many components on as many screens as you like in design time, even if you don’t own a software license! Design without constrains. Get to see the bigger picture before you decide to purchase the license. We hope that this will help new designers and developers to evaluate the software more easily.

We fixed several bugs and added little improvements on each corner. You will feel the difference. IDE is more stable and more options are available. You can assign events to multiple objects at once. This will save you programming time and code size. New welcome screen is also here to depict the changes.

Make sure to visit the Visual GLCD webpage and download this fantastic new software version now!

Yours sincerely,

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