Yesterday we hung out with a bunch of young scientists, future hotshots, members of the science and tech elite in years to come. Down the road, we hope some of them will be MikroE employees, and we’re taking steps to make that happen. We visited Petnica, the biggest Science Center in Southern Europe and the oldest independent nonprofit organization for extracurricular, informal science education in these parts.


For our Chief of Marketing Aleksandar, who participated himself in an Astronomy summer camp as a high school student a decade ago, it was a nostalgic event, but the biggest impression was the progress Petnica has made since then:

“The place is totally different now. High school students have top-notch facilities, specialized classrooms, laboratories and equipment. There’s even a super computer donated from CERN. However, what remains the same is the spirit. Kids that come in still have the same curiosity, ambition and hunger for knowledge as ever. It’s just that these days they’re lucky to have more means to satisfy it”.


That’s where MikroElektronika comes in. We made a commitment to help the applied physics and electronics club, also known as the “Deep Underground Physics & Electronics Facility”. We want to take them under our wing. To help them be the very best at what they do, and beyond that, to be the most prestigious and recognizable department in whole Petnica. Biologists will come to them asking for robot mini subs for exploring a local fish pound, astronomers can ask for a telescope motor programmed to keep track of a chosen star or planet. Faced with these kinds of challenges, these young scientists can grow up to be on Fortune 500 lists.

We also want to make them part of our community. That means that, once things get going, you can expect a surge of examples to start popping up on Libstock. All courtesy of young scientists from Petnica.


Petnica was founded in 1982. Since then, it organized seminars, workshops and research camps for more than 50,000 students and science teachers in 15 disciplines. The occasion for our visit yesterday was a ceremony celebrating the milestone 3000th successfully organized seminar.

Beside our delegation, representatives from several prestigious universities and institutions including members of the Academic community, the diplomatic core, UNESCO, also visited Petnica yesterday.

Yours sincerely,

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