MikroElektronika products are used in many universities and high-schools all around the world. One of those Universities – Vienna University Of Technology and it’s Department Of Computer Engineering is using mikroElektronika AVR development systems in their classes and contributed a great deal to the AVR community.

Vienna University of Technology uses mikroElektronika AVR Development Boards


Professor Alexander Koessler from Embedded Computing Systems Group and his team of students are very happy because a few days ago their latest order arrived. They bought loads of AVR development systems from mikroElektronika, and they wanted to share the photo of how the newly received packages look like in front of their classroom.

Their team is using Linux in development, and in the past year they did some research with a generous and big help from our distributor Tigal, who helped them carry dozens of tests and provided technical support along the way. They together succeeded in porting AVRProg2 programmer software and drivers to Linux

Here’s what they wrote on our Forum

Dear Linux-Mikroe-Devboard Users,

and the ones who want to be such. We are happy to announce that we wrote a command line tool supporting the Mikroe AVRProg2 programmer natively on Linux. It is available as SourceForge project at https://sourceforge.net/projects/avrprog2/ We have already tested it and it work great on Ubuntu, but now we need your help to test it as well. Please note that all credits for the Programmer go to one of my students who did the actual work, so we can use Mikroe AVR development boards in our lab-course at university. Thanks to Mikroe for their support and their permission to publish it. We are sure that the acceptance of their development boards in the Linux community will get a significant boost, as such a programmer is exactly what we needed (according to the entries in this board – since 2003 😉 ).


Great job guys, really! We hope you like the boards, and you have our support for your future projects. Software works great, and we already have many Linux users who are very satisfied with your application. We expect more photos, once the laboratory is set with brand new EasyAVR6, BIGAVR6, AVRPLC16 and other AVR boards.

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