How strong a sunscreen do you need? How much UV do your sunglasses filter? Why are tanning booths a dumb idea? UV click can help you answer these questions.

UV click

UV click carries an ML8511 UV sensor IC that outputs a voltage that is linearly proportional to the UV intensity it detects (UV intensity is measured in mW/cm2).

An onboard ADC converts the signal, but you can bypass it and use the ADC on your microcontroller instead—just solder the A/D Select jumper (zero-ohm resistor) to the AN position.

The sensor responds to UV-A and UV-B rays. UV-A makes up to 95 percent of Ultraviolet light we’re exposed to, but UV-B is the one causing sunburns. Be careful when experimenting with it.

Start from the Libstock example to save on development time and get more time to enjoy the sun. Specs and details about UV click on the product page.

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