Flip&Click SAM3X – the two-sided, versatile prototyping tool, got a video tutorial from our Zerynth friends.

You’ll learn how to get started with our development board in the Zerynth Studio, step by step.

Flip&Click SAM3X

Flip&Click SAM3X has two sides: the blue side carries the standard Arduino Uno pinout (with additional SPI pins), and if you turn it over you’ll see that the white side has four mikroBUS™ sockets.

For more information about the Flip&Click SAM3X development board, check out the product page.

You can download the Zerynth Studio here.

Four mikroBUS™ sockets

As we just said, Flip&Click SAM3X has four mikroBUS™ sockets, on the white side. That means you can add four amazing functionalities to your project. Considering that we have hundreds of click boards™ in the shop. The biggest dilemma you are going to face is how to choose your favorite ones.

Accelerometers, light detectors, WiFi transceivers, thermal sensors, timers, displays, isolators and more. Just the click board™ sensor range has over one hundred products to choose from. We are fully stocked and we got your back.

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