USB Wizard 20% off discount

We have a week-long special offer on the USB Wizard evaluation and demonstration platform.

Do you think the wizard on the board is Gandalf? Well, it’s not, but they sure look alike. Guess we are all nerds here, just like you.

A week-long 20% discount

From today until November 16, 16:00 CET you can get this amazing board at a 20% discount.

We are preparing you all for the holiday season, and we decided to start with some magic.

mikroBUS™ socket

The board has one mikroBUS™ socket for click board™ connectivity. It also features a micro USB port for communicating with a PC.

On the bottom part of the board, you’ll find 4 USB host ports. With the USB Wizard, you will no longer be running low on USB ports.

For more information about the USB Wizard, see the product page.

Yours sincerely,

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