Probably everyone who owns an EasyPIC Fusion should subscribe to John B’s Youtube channel. This is the third or fourth time he’s releasing a high quality tutorial featuring the board.

This time he took the time to show you how to control an MCU from a computer through USB.

John used our own example as a starting point, expanding it with additional code. By dong so he’s done a better job than ourselves in showcasing EasyPIC Fusion’s versatility.

The tutorial follows John’s standard script. After a brief introduction where he shows how the examples work on the board, the camera switches view to mikroC and John goes through the code line by line tapping the screen with a pen.

And just to further cement the point that you should follow John B on Youtube – he even does giveaways. Apparently a lucky viewer landed a free EasyPIC v7 a few days ago. See for yourself. That could’ve been you.

Yours sincerely,

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