The submission window for the Upverter click competition is closed. We received a total of 18 projects. Our hardware engineers will now sit down with a fresh cup of coffee, roll up their sleeves, and start going over the designs. Remember, only one winning submission will join the Most Glorious Order of MikroElektronika click boards™ and get manufactured.

Upverter Submission phase over

Thanks for participating everybody. This is the first time we’ve done such a contest and your response tells us it’s worth repeating on a bigger scale next time.

Some of you probably started your designs but were derailed by life and didn’t finish. That’s understandable. We hope that you got something out of it anyway – perhaps you’ll consider continuing to use Upverter in the future?

Now for the judging process, as mentioned, we’ll evaluate based on the following criteria:

Will your board be useful to end-users? What’s it for? What’s the short term and long term market availability and price of the BOM? Is there a novelty factor to your design and the technology it’s based on?

Is the main chip or module used to its full potential? How functional is the layout? (for example, if the click board has a pushbutton on it — is it placed on the optimal position?) Did you do your best with routing the board? Did you follow the guidelines of the particular chip or module’s producer? (the complexity of the design comes to play here)

Did you come up with a cool name? Silkscreen illustrations? Shape of the PCB?

Those are guidelines our engineers will use. Obviously the various criteria don’t have the same weight, and the expert judgement of our people will play a large part.

We’ll get back to you with the results.

Yours sincerely,

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