It’s tough to be a PCB in a world of mass-produced electronics. With Unique ID click, your hardware will never have to face an identity crisis.

Unique ID click

No two Unique ID clicks are the same. They look alike on the outside, carrying the DS2401 IC. But each of these chips come out of the fabric with a unique 48-bit serial number.

It’s called a silicon serial number IC. A low cost solution for providing a unique registration number for your PCB. It can be used for equipment registration, network node identification, or just a means to distinguish individual pieces from a production run (you would use the click for prototyping such a feature).

At a price of $9.00, Unique ID click is also an excellent teaching tool for getting to know how 1-Wire communications work. The DS2401 chip uses a single pin for control, address, data and power. The multidrop capability also allows for multiple DS2401 chips to reside on a single data line.

You can choose between two mikroBUS™ pins for communicating with the target board MCU (by soldering an onboard jumper to its proper place). Another one, PWR SEL jumper also allows you to switch between a 3.3V or 5V power supply.

Check out the details on the product page. Libstock examples are also ready.

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