We’re continuing our line of clicks based on the Hall effect. Today, it’s UNI HALL click.

UNI HALL click

UNI HALL click carries a unipolar Hall switch. While BI HALL click, released yesterday, is sensitive to both magnetic poles, the US5881 IC on this one only reacts to north pole magnetic fields, outputting a LOW logic level. When the field is not strong enough, or of wrong polarity, UNI HALL click outputs a HIGH logic level through the mikroBUS™ INT line.

You can use unipolar Hall switches in countless ways just by placing magnets in strategic spots. Attach a magnet to a wheel and you can infer RPM. A magnet attached to a float can indicate rising and falling liquid levels. Also, Hall switch based push buttons are highly reliable and long lasting—ideal for heavily abused pinball machine buttons for example.

Libstock examples are ready. Specs and details on the product page.

Yours sincerely,

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