Our new design partner, u-blox, is a Swiss-based company dedicated to making the best possible wireless semiconductors and modules.

Four of our most popular click boards have integrated u-blox modules: 3G SARA click, BLE 3 clickGPS clickand GSM 4 click.

BLE 3 click carries the NINA-B1 Bluetooth 4.2 low energy module. The real time counter on the module can be used to generate precisely timed BLE advertising events – broadcasting events to every device around.

GPS click carries the LEA-6S, a high-performance u-blox 6 positioning engine. The module has been designed for low power consumption.

3G SARA click carries the smallest UMTS/HSPA cellular modem in the world — u-blox U201. Adding 3G to your device has never been so easy and simple. The click is able to send and receive data at speeds up to 7.2 Mb/s. You can download a free PC app, provided by u-blox, for sending and receiving messages and calls from your computer.

SARA-U2 modules received the “Product of the Year” award in 2014, from M2M Evolution magazine.

GSM 4 click the u-blox SARA-G3 series 2.5G GSM/GPRS cellular quad-band module. The module has a miniature LGA (Land Grid Array) form factor, and RF transceiver and a power amplifier.

All u-blox cellular modules are of top-level quality; they offer GSM/GPRS, CDMA, UMTS/HSPA, NB-IoT, LTE and RPMA. For applications requiring positioning data, u‑blox provides easily integrated GNSS modules and chipsets.

For more information, you can check out the u-blox website, and our online store for click boards with u-blox modules.

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