TouchKey click — a versatile, customizable capacitive touchpad.

TouchKey click

What’s so versatile about a touchpad with only four letters you might ask? After all, with A B C D, you can only spell ADC, DAC, ad (as in advertisement), ab (as in ab muscles), cab… which is not that bad for only four letters (see what I did there?)

But the things you can do with the three onboard jumpers are much more interesting. TouchKey click carries the TTP224 touchpad detector IC. This chip has multiple operating modes that let you configure how the buttons will work.

You can put them in fast mode (100 mS response time) or in low power mode. You can enable or disable multi-key input.

Or you can set the buttons in toggle or direct mode (toggle cycles through successive states with each button press, direct mode keeps altered state only while pressed).

Also, you can choose whether you want infinite or limited on time.

And that’s not all. Go to the Libstock example page where we pasted a few tables that list all the configuration options.

Finally, if you don’t need cabs, or bad ads for your abs, you can employ a low tech solution for customizing the keypad. Since it’s capacitive, it can register inputs through paper (or glass). So you could just paste a sticker to mark the keys with your own symbols. Like shown in this video:


More details on the product page.

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