TouchClamp click is fun. Use it to help a cousin take prize at a high-school science faire. Or create an interactive installation – for a gallery or something similar – that will baffle laymen.

All you will need, in addition to TouchClamp click itself, is either some alligator clips, some conductive paint, and a lot of imagination.

The board carries NXP’s MPR121 proximity capacitive touch sensor controller. It has seven plated holes for clamps which can be used to connect any – literally any – conductive object and turn it into an input device.

In our example we pictured a modern grocery store. Instead of picking items from the shelf and squinting at the small print to see the label, imagine that all you have to do is gently touch whichever item you are interested in, and a display nearby shows all the info you need.

The learn article goes into more detail, with the complete code available on Libstock. See the video for a live demo of our proof of concept. Schematic available on


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