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Our new click from the sensor range – LightRanger 2 click – is a Time-of-Flight proximity sensor.

Time-of-Flight sensor

When you hear something like “Time-of-Flight” you don’t immediately come to the conclusion that it is a way of measuring distance. But, if you knew that it measures the time of flight of a photon, you might.

Our new click carries the world’s smallest Time-of-Flight ranging and gesture detection sensor, ST’s VL53L0X. The sensor can measure absolute distances up to 2m.

This kind of sensor doesn’t measure the amount of light. It measures the time it takes for the light to travel to the nearest object, and then back to the sensor.

Older proximity sensor technologies measured the amount of light reflected back from a target object. This kind of measurement was influenced by the color and the type of surface of the object. ToF sensors, on the other hand, are immune to these kinds of problems.

LightRanger 2 click

You could use this click in robotics for obstacle detection. Or for user detection in personal computers, laptops, and tablets. Or for hand detection in automatic IoT devices. With low power consumption and high-precision measuring, it is a good choice for any of the above-mentioned devices and projects.

LightRanger 2 click runs on either 3.3V or 5V power supply and communicates with target MCU over the I2C interface.

For more information about the LightRanger 2 click check out the product page.

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