Stop people from tampering with your designs, with TILT-n-SHAKE click, featuring Freescale’s multifunctional MMA8491Q IC.

TILT-n-SHAKE click

Some sensors are known for their tiltability some for their shakability but this is the first time (that we’re aware of) you have both built in the same MEMS chip, the MMA8491Q on TILT-n-SHAKE click.

If you want to SHAKE it, use it is a 3-axis digital accelerometer. It has a 14-bit digital output with a ±8g full-scale range and 1 mg/LSB sensitivity, and a response time of about 700 microseconds. Very low power consumption as well.

If you want to TILT it, it has a built in, also 3-axis, 45 degree tilt functionality. Depending on the direction it leans to, once the tilt angle reaches 45 degrees the click outputs either a Xout, Zout or Yout signal, all through the same interrupt pin. Therefore it’s dead simple to implement.

We don’t need to explain the many uses for an accelerometer, but tilt sensors are great for tamper detection. For specific applications you may need only one or two dimensions, not all three. In that case all you have to do is unsolder the X, Y, or Z jumper on the board.

It’s not tilt OR shake it’s tilt AND shake, so both sets of data can be accessed at the same time. Here’s the Libstock example. More details on the product page.


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