If you’ve ever wasted coins on a pinball machine you know about tilt sensors — they were your enemies, blocking the machine as soon as you try to… you know, tilt it. With Tilt click, this particular type of sensor becomes your ally.

Tilt click

Tilt™ click carries a 4-directional optical tilt sensor. The four directions are left, right, back and forward. Or to put it into airplane terms, the sensor detects pitch and roll.

It doesn’t measure the motion in precise degrees like an accelerometer would do, it just gives you feedback on which of the four direction it’s leaning at a given moment.

The optical kind of tilt sensor is highly reliable because it’s not influenced by noise from vibrations or from a magnetic field.

All in all, it’s a robust solution for those that need direction sensing without the need for precise measurements. And it’s great protection from destructive pinball players.

Details on the product page. Libstock example also ready.

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