Sometimes, inspiration and enthusiasm are hard to find, especially on Monday. If you happen to feel uninspired, we have an excellent energy boost for you.

As you know, DigiKey Electronics, launched a video series called “New product discoveries with Randall Restle“. Their goal is to present “the most cutting-edge new technology on the market today“, and offer inspiration and new ideas to fellow engineers and developers. That’s why we are very happy to share that once again one of MikroElektronika’s product was featured.

In this episode, Randall talked about a lightning detector integrated circuit from ams’ AS3935 Franklin Lightning Sensor IC and our very own Thunder click board™!

The disadvantage of a product like this being in such a small package is its hindrance to development. With that in mind, MikroElektronika and its series of click boards have crushed this obstacle by creating a specific click board for the AS3935. Dubbed the Thunder click, this board gives a standard pinout to simplify development…

If you like Randall’s charisma and enthusiasm, (and how you can not!), you can follow their YouTube channel and, of course, as always, you can browse through our ever-expanding click boards collection in the search of ideal product for your next project.

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